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Insulation Cup summer and autumn cold winter spring warm
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Will be held in the hands of the insulation cup, not only from the surface to give warmth, winter and spring is our skin dry season, so there is less moisture, so you can also give us from the heart of the original warm Oh. In reality, we know how to be insulated cups? Let us go together to explore it!

Insulation cup is generally made of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer made of water containers, the top cover, sealed tight, vacuum insulation layer can be installed in the insulation cup of water and other liquid heat has reached the purpose of heat preservation. Especially the cold winter and spring insulation cup, insulation cups play a thermal insulation effect is one of the normal function.

It is understood that the insulation cup is the development of thermos bottle, insulation principle is the same with the thermos flask, but people in order to facilitate the bottle was made. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection and transmission. The cup of silver in the insulation cup can reflect the radiation of hot water, the vacuum of the cup and the cup body can block the heat transfer, and the heat transfer of the bottle can prevent heat convection. Now the thermos bottle, also applied the principle of magnetized water, that is, in the bottle and cap with a magnet, so that the water is magnetized.

Here, the evolution of the insulation cup clear you Summer and autumn we are not need a cold cold cup? Winter and spring we need to be a warm fashion partner? Fashion delicate insulation cup in the summer and autumn to give you the feeling of ice! In the winter and spring to you Bring warm Oh! This is also before the article also said that the "insulation Cup" warm "security" cold "dual-use."

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