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Introduction to coffee pots
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An appliance for brewing coffee. The coffee pot was one of the earliest inventions in Europe and came out of France in 1685. There are three kinds of electric coffee pot: infiltration, drip and vacuum.

An appliance for brewing coffee. Coffee pot is one of the earliest inventions in Europe, about 1685 came to France in the Louis XV period in various places widely circulated. It is just a glass plate with heated metal plate, below the alcohol lamp heating. Because this coffee pot is very time-consuming, the Americans Benjamin Thompson will invent the Long Ford filter coffee pot, was popular at the time.

In 1763, the Frenchman Dayton invented the crushed coffee beans into the flannel's pocket, hanging in the pot, after the injection of hot water, so that the coffee bag in the coffee and hot water for a long time, Different forms of cooking, greatly improving the aroma of coffee.

In 1800, the Archbishop of Paris, Bello invented a split into two pots of coffee heater, designed to make the coffee flavor is not spilled and designed, can be said today, the originator of the drip coffee pot. The pot places the ground coffee in a hole in the top of the coffee pot, where the hot water is injected and the water flows through the holes in the container to the bottom of the coffee pot. It is characterized by the use of cold water to quench to 40 drops per minute speed, drop by one drop slowly learn the essence of coffee. As the speed is very slow, should be selected grinding very fine coffee powder to extract. This method brewed out of the coffee, contains very low caffeine, drink up particularly refreshing.

In 1840, British marine engineer Nabel invented a siphon coffee heater. This kind of heater is based on the boiling water, the coffee powder in the container to reduce the pressure, so he will automatically suck the boiling water into the coffee and the design of the truth out. And this is the predecessor of the Belgian royal coffee pot.


There are three kinds of coffee pots: percolation, drip and vacuum. Diapping coffee pot is an early product of coffee maker, although the price is low, but the use is not convenient, poor reliability; vacuum coffee maker brewing coffee taste strong, but its complex structure, prone to failure. Survival of the fittest, and now the market left on the drip-type electric coffee pot dominate the world.

Although from the big class, the coffee maker is only a drip type, but there are only used to punch the coffee at the end of the ordinary coffee pot, you can grind coffee beans, two-in-one coffee machine and can play Bubble of Italian steam coffee pot. If you are nine to five office workers, time is limited, then the cheap ordinary coffee pot is a good choice, and if you drink the coffee level has reached the "fever" level of realm, then grinding their own coffee powder Blended mellow, and wore a beautiful milk bubble, sprinkled with delicious cinnamon powder of Italian charcoal coffee will certainly be your best choice.


From the use of specifications, the household electricity coffee pot in the power of 1000 watts below enough capacity of 0.5-0.8 liters, can be washed 4 to 8 cups of coffee. If you often entertain friends or family more, but also buy a larger capacity, but it is best not to more than 1.5 liters.

From the quality point of view, the appearance of coffee maker should be a color coordination, the production of fine crafts, the parts of the damage, rough are not allowed, the bottom of the bottom of the water is the minimum requirements.


Can not be empty. With most of the kitchen appliances, electric coffee pot can not be empty, must first install the water and coffee and then connected to the power, never in the empty state power. In the cooking coffee, you should always pay attention to the water level inside the pot, if the water near the dry, the power should be cut off in time, otherwise it will burn the pot body.

Pay attention to waterproof. Electric coffee pot can not dry, can not add too much water, otherwise the water will overflow after the overflow of electric heating elements. While the water does not let the water splashed on the pot body electrical parts, so as not to reduce the insulation performance. When cleaning the coffee pot, can not directly immersed in the water pot, but to remove the filter, filter cleaning, other parts of the best clean with a clean cloth.

Regular descaling. Coffee pot before the first use, should first cook two pots of water to remove the bad taste. Will be based on the use of the annual descaling 2-5 times.

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